Double Effect Essay

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1. Formulate and evaluate the principle of double effect. The Principle of double effect means that an action can be done if it is done out of a morally good intention, even if it has a morally bad side effect. The action can be done even if the bad side effect is known before doing the action (The doctrine of double effect, 2014). This principle can be illustrated with the Bomber example. The first example is the Strategic Bomber. A bomber dropped a bomb to destroy the munitions factory of the enemy in an attempt to reduce their fighting ability, having known that this bomb might cause explosion, which might kill the civilians near by. The second example is the Terror Bomber. A bomber dropped a bomb to destroy the munitions factory of the enemy. They intended to cause the explosion to kill the civilians near by the factory in a bid to terrorize the enemy to give up. According to the principle of double effect, although the results of the two examples (death of innocent civilians due to the explosion cause by the bomb) are the same, due to the different intentions (the intention of the Strategic Bomber was to alleviate the fighting ability of the enemy to reduce further deaths, while that of Terror Bomber was to terrorize the enemy) behind the same action, the Strategic Bomber can be justified since their action was done in an attempt to cease the war earlier. Apart from that, this principle is often use to justified the action of doctors giving high dosage of drugs to relieve the pain of terminally ill patients. This example also brings out a point about this principle that is the bad side effect cannot be the means for reaching the morally good intention. For instance, if the only way to help the patient from suffering is death, it is not justified if the doctor underdone euthanasia even if his intention was for the good of the patient(The doctrine
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