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Dose Of Virtual Reality Essay

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A Dose of Virtual Reality
A human mind always desires to achieve great accomplishments and it has, due to its creative thinking, making the impossible possible. Who could have thought of having pets without the tension of actually feeding it, or attending classes without actually having to attend a one in a classroom. Scientists brought this idea to life by Virtual Reality. What is the future of the virtual technology? How will it affect the lives of people today and in the future? The young people of today would be lost without their email and cell phones, yet many older people have not learned how to use email or the Internet. How will the technology change over the next thirty-five years? In a world, where the Internet is important for communicating and where the best way to find information is through Google and other search engines, it will be interesting to see what kind of changes virtual realty will bring to world. Virtual reality machines began showing up in science fiction movies and magazines. They appeared to be magical instruments that could transport one mentally to another world all together and they could touch the senses without ever having the participant leave the chair. Today virtual reality is   on its way to become a reality. We will see it being used in more and more industries as we discover the many uses that it has. Virtual reality is already showing up in the medical, engineering and entertainment fields on a regular basis and those who advocate its use believe it is one of the biggest breaks in technology thus far. Virtual technology will bring social, economic and political changes to the world by creating e-nations.
In today's virtual worlds, surgeons cut into computer-simulated legs to practice tricky tendon transfer operations. People plagued by phobias confront their fears by crossing ersatz bridges and handling simulated snakes. Architects walk around in virtual buildings, checking them for accessibility for the handicapped and...

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