Dose Gender Affect Stress

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Does Gender affect stress levels in an Individual Abstract During recent studies on the topic if gender affects the way the body and an individual handle and deal with stress, it has many mixed review and in the future something that needs to be studied more in depth and taken piece by piece. Although in studies conducted there has been some things pulled out that can and will show the way different items can affect the way either a male or female deal with stress. Some of the different factors that where discussed coved biological, social, work, and past and current life situation and history. There has been much research done on stress and how it can affect a person for better or for worst. Research has shown the high levels of stress can take a great toll on a person and there every day lives. Although does gender have an effect on the way a person controls, maintains and handles stress. There has been some finding that the gender of on self can have an affect on how they will handle stress in there everyday lives. The areas that have some relation to the way stress is handles are Biological, social, current life status and history of a gender that can affect the levels of stress in an individual. When it comes to understanding stress in a certain Gender many things have to be accounted for such has biological factor the may change the amount of chemicals that are released or added to the body. Some studies investigate, that different levels of the menstrual cycle can show higher or lower levels of cortisol. The higher levels or cortisol the more prone an individual is to be affected by stress. During the later stage of the cycle stress levels are about equal to the levels in a male showing no difference in stress. Although in the beginning stages of the menstrual cycle, levels of cortisol tend to show higher stress
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