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The dormitory survey was conducted in mid-September, 2003. There were seven core questions followed by space for comments. The seven core questions were numbered four to ten (the first three questions were demographic: name, gender, and class). 4. I think that my residence hallhas a good physical appearance. 5. I think that my residence hall is well maintained (painted, cleaned, repaired, with adequate facilities). 6. I think that my resident hall has adequate living space in the rooms. 7. I think that my residence hall has good supervision of students (by staff) in it. 8. I think that my residence hall has students who do a good job as Residence Hall Assistants. 9. I think that there are good student social activities happening in my residence hall. 10. I think that there is good security in my residence hall. The mean response for each question was in the negative - for six of the seven questions dormitory students, on average, responded in disagreement with the statement. The only question that yielded agreement on average was question eight on the effectiveness of students as residence hall assistants. The following chart depicts the mean for each question and the boundaries of the 95% confidence interval for that question. Dormitory students most strongly disagreed with question five. Question five stated that the dormitory is well maintained, painted, cleaned, repaired, and has adequate facilities. Comments written by the students echoed this concern, with a focus on the condition of the bathrooms. After question five, questions six, seven and nine had the highest frequency of strong disagreement. The dormitory students have strong concerns about maintenance of the dormitories, provision of adequate living space, supervision by staff, and sufficiency of social activities. The focused self study in 2000 noted that residence

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