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The Upside of Dorm Life Students entering college have many decisions to make regarding their college career and experiences. One of the most important decisions facing a college student is whether a student lives on campus or not. Students who live on campus have a more productive and more satisfying college experience than those who live off campus. Students should live on campus while attending college because campus life offers students great accessibility to the school, a rich social life, and a simple way of living. When students live on campus, they have access to computer labs, libraries, and professors without having to drive to campus. When students do not live on campus, they have time in between classes to fill and not enough time to go home and come back, so when students live on campus they can simply walk to their dorm room or other campus hangouts before going back to class. Students have to carry all of their books around if they live off campus, whereas when a campus resident can go back and forth to their dorm room. Students also have to leave their apartment or house extra early to make sure they have enough time to get through traffic and get to school. Living off campus makes it more difficult for students needing access to the library, labs, and tutoring sessions because many of these facilities have scheduled times in which students must attend; students living on campus have these accommodations right at hand. When students live on campus, they will most likely feel more involved in the campus community. Many activities occur on a college campus, and when a student lives on campus, he or she can attend all extracurricular activities - ballgames, intramurals, campus activities, and educational programs - without the problem of what to do between classes and the event. Finding a friend to eat, hangout, or study with on those long

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