Dora Spender Essay

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Part 4: Dora One Year On A young woman stared into the eyes, shrouded in darkness. She could not see them yet she knew that they were there. A low-pitched grunt echoed around the ‘chamber’ that she knew that she was in. A dank and revoltingly putrid breath flowed into the nostrils of a young woman making her vomit over herself. Dangling by means of a tightly knotted rope in the exceptionally humid air, she waited for her inevitable death moments later. She could feel two very slimy hands brace around her neck. She could feel her windpipe closing, heartbeat dropping. Then... nothing. Dora Spender awoke to find herself; in a bed soaked with sweat. Her heartbeat was racing faster than a prairie bird in flight. She now realised that she had had the same nightmare that had been pursuing her for the last dozen months. This nightmare that, never changes, this nightmare that she knew every last detail of will haunt her: she thought, till her dying day. As she awoke to realise her surroundings, the golden sun was already rising over the arid and dusty plains of the farm that she owned. Dora knew that she must get up soon, to feed the very few cattle that she had. The cattle were the only official income of the farm, the income that she needed to survive. She got herself out of bed, showered and got ready for another strenuous day of work, sighing, she pulled on her overalls, walked out of the door and set about her chores. She pulled the last pale of milk from the barn and carried it over to the mass refrigerator. In the tie that it took for the fridge to fill with milk, she looked over the rusted iron-gate that covered at large hole in the ground. Exactly 13 months earlier her ill-tempered husband, Calvin, went down this very hole but did not return. These memories haunted her, yet every day she ignored them, suppressing these feelings into the back of her

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