Doping in Sports Essay

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Doping in sports Sara Ana Reed MYP3 Scientific essay Biology We live in a world, in which competition is everything. Winning first prize is like flying to the moon, and sometimes some people will go a bit too far to get that gold medal. I am here to talk to you about doping in sports, doping is the use of illegal substances during an athletic career to improve your performance. Doping goes back to the Greek and roman times, they used mushrooms and herbs to enhance their performance. Later in the 19th century, caffeine, alcohol and opium was found out to be a booster as well. The most common drugs used are steroids and hormone growth. Why do athletes dope? It depends from athlete to athlete, some dope because they feel pressure from their coaches, pressure from themselves, many athletes do it for money, and many to make their country proud by winning. Not only has doping become a big issue in famous athletes, but it has spread onto amateur and school sports. When people dope them self, they have more energy, because, they create more red blood cells and more oxygen is carried out through their blood stream and the muscles can work longer, which helps them achieve better results in a competition. Doping is illegal because of many reasons, one of them being fairness in the sport, in the competition. Doping is considered cheating, because, you used a chemical to boost yourself, you did not get the energy that you have by training hard. Doping is also illegal, because it can cause major short and long term affects. If too much drugs are taken, the heart will pump too much blood and eventually, the heart will not be able to catch up, and this could lead to death, blood clots, a stroke… A test to check for illegal substances is performed by using a urine sample and testing it. This happens, because, too much stress is put onto the heart. There are many

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