Doodle'S Personality

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“Doodle’s Personality” Doodle from the “Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst is a fascinating character. His personality shows how he acts with others and touches his family in a special way, especially his brother. Doodle has a physical disability. Doodle acts a certain way in connection with his disability and others treat him differently because he has a problem walking. He is physically weak. He is sensitive and loves nature. He is also afraid and has low self-confidence. Doodle was born a very small infant and he is weak. As a result, Doodle’s parents and family did not believe that Doodle was going to live. They did not imagine he would be able to do all that he did. As an infant Doodle couldn’t walk so his brother pulled him around in a go-cart that their dad made. Everyday his brother had to carry Doodle around. His brother helped him with walking, swimming, rowing a boat and climbing trees. Doodle appreciates his brother and loves him very much and feels that his brother helps him because he loves him. Doodle depends on his brother very much. However, his brother helps him because Doodle’s brother doesn’t like having a disable brother. Doodle loves nature. When he went with his brother to see the Old Woman Swamp Doodle began to cry. When his brother asked him what was wrong, Doodle said, “It’s so pretty,” “so pretty, pretty, pretty.” The excitement and the sensitivity he has connected to nature are felt here and then, a few days before the start of school. The family was having lunch and Doodle heard a strange croaking sound, and said, “What’s that?” He went outside and looked at the bleeding tree and said, “It’s a big red bird.” When the bird died Doodle wanted to burry it. Doodle cared about all living things in nature. Doodle had low self-confidence. When his brother tried to help him walk, Doodle didn’t believe in himself. He would always say, “I
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