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The Mark of Vishnu and Other Stories is a book written by Khushwant Singh It was published in 1950. Its titular story is an integral part of primary school curricula in India. It was the first work of khusawant Singh which was published in 1950 onwards. The book comprises mostly ironic tales about faith and religion. This book deals with the school days of Khushwant Singh. Khushwant Singh is very popular for his writings. In the short story "The Mark of Vishnu", he brings out the differences of opinion between the young and the old. Ultimately he drives home the fact that how a man's superstitious beliefs lead to his doom. Gunga Ram's regard for Snakes Gunga Ram was an old brahmin. He was illiterate and full of superstition. He was most devoted to Lord Vishnu. He would smear his forehead with a V mark in sandalwood paste. On the other hand, the narrator and his brothers went on teasing Gunga Ram for his superstition. To him all life was sacred, even if it was a serpent or a scorpion or a centipede. Gunga Ram had regard for snakes, in particular the Kala Nag. Every night he would place a saucer of milk near the Kala Nag's hole. He would be satisfied to see the empty saucer, the next morning. He firmly believed that as long as he gave milk to the Kala Nag, it wouldn't harm anyone in the house. Capture of Kala Nag One day the narrator and his brothers saw the Kala Nag lying in an open patch on the lawn. Armed with long bamboo sticks, the boys surrounded it. It quickly made for the banana groove. But the ground was too muddy and it slithered. A heavy blow caught it in the and broke in his back. Without damaging his hood, the boys put it in a biscuit tin and tied up with string. Next morning they took it to school. Incident in the classroom The science teacher began to untie the string around the box with a hum.

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