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Robert Burke 2/3/12 English 12 The Death Penalty There are many reasons why the death penalty should be abolished. There are a lot of cases where innocent people are killed. How is it logical to go about killing someone based on a group of people saying they committed the crime? There is no justice by killing someone who killed someone. Someone ounce said “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. So where in the world dose the governments get the right to take a life? If it’s ok for the government to kill someone then how come we can’t kill someone? So now you’re thinking causes were not justified but let’s say some one kill your family member. How is it logical to put someone to death when you’re supposed to be punishing them for taking someone’s life? An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. The people who believe in the death penalty only agree with it when they say the case is so heinous. But isn’t any murder heinous? So how it is ok for someone has the suffering taken away from them by killing them. As said in Americas drug of choice) when Steven Hayes who killed a conetict mother and her two daughters. He smiled when they sentenced him to the death penalty. This would be because he had his suffering taken away from him he no longer has to live with her death. That not fair because that persons family has to suffer the loss of their loved one. This is not fair to that person’s family even though they say they want that person killed. Because in the long run that person no longer has to deal with that person’s life. What about if that person didn’t do it now you just killed someone who was innocent. They never did anything so now we have two people who are innocent at minimum. In America’s drug of choice) they also said that people who were mentally retarded were being killed until recently when the Supreme Court. made it no longer allowed. This

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