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English Intermediate 2 Critical Essay (7) The poem ‘In Mrs Tilshers Class!’ by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem which deals with the childhood and how the poet deepens the understanding of the stages of life by the choice of content and the skilful use of poetic techniques, in a primary class were children use their senses and learn new things as they were eager to come but nearer the end the children are eager to go home. At the beginning of the poem, the speaker describes her primary classroom with children as being a colourful positive place. “You could travel up the Blue Nile with your finger…The laugh of a bell swung by a running child.” The word “You” immediately brings the reader into the poem as it is making us feel more involved in the lesson as we follow the Blue Nile with their finger. Personification of “laugh of a bell” reveals that the school is a happy and positive place. The description of the “running child” indicates that the child is happy and active at their primary school. Here, we can deepen the understanding of what the speaker’s childhood is like. The speaker then describes why she likes the classroom more than home by containing the idea of how colourful and positive the classroom is. “Enthralling books. The classroom glowed like a sweetshop… A xylophones nonsense heard from another form.” “Enthralling books.” Is a minor sentence that describes how children are fascinated by the books that are available. The simile “The classroom glowed like a sweetshop” reveals that, in the classroom there is a lot of variation of topics as there are variation in a sweetshop of candy. “A xylophones nonsense heard from another form.” Is alteration and personification as it is describing the children being happy and out of tune, as the play musical instruments and hearing it with their sense of sound. Here, , we can

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