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Product Submittal Sheet Tech Support: 888-437-3244 Engineering Services: 877-832-3206 Sales: 800-543-7140 09.22.16 (Non-Structural Metal Framing) 2-1/2” 20ga USG Shaft Wall System ® C-H Shaft Wall System USG SHEETROCK Brand Shaft Wall System These systems are non-load-bearing gypsum panel partitions designed to construct elevator shafts, mechanical shafts, stairwells, air returns and horizontal ® membranes. SHEETROCK Brand Shaft Wall Systems have been comprehensively tested for 1 to 4 hour fire resistance ratings (UL Design No U415) only when all of the system components are used together. Substitutions of any of the components are not recommended. Product Material Thickness: Member (mils) CH, ES, JR & JS Minimum thickness gauge (in.) 34 20 Design thickness (in.) 0.0341 C-H Stud (CH) 0.0359 All material is produced with G-40 Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Structural Properties: Member Product code Weight (lb / ft) Area 2 (in ) Ix 4 (in ) Sx* 3 (in ) Allowance design stress (ksi) 2-1/2" C-H Stud 20ga (34mils) 212CH-34 0.998 0.2910 0.239 0.1741 24.0 2-1/2" J-Runner 20ga (34mils) 212JR-34 0.670 0.2039 0.192 0.130 4.96 2-1/2" Jamb Strut 20ga (34mils) 212JS-34 0.818 0.2398 0.226 0.143 3.00 * Full section modulus to be used with corresponding design stress E-Stud (ES) ASTM & Code Standards: • All USG Shaft Wall Systems manufactured by ClarkDietrich are fabricated conforming to steel and coating specification ASTM C645, A653 & A1003. • Structural Properties have been calculated in conformance with AISI-NASPEC 1996 • UL Design No. U415 • MSDS & Product Certification Information is available at Other available USG Shaft Wall Systems: Available in 2-1/2”, 4” & 6”

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