Dont Let Time Pass You By

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In some of the stories written by Fitzgerald the symbolism of time has been tied into the themes. In the novel The Great Gatsby and the short story “Winter Dreams” time is shown as disillusionment and the destruction of dreams. Fitzgerald uses time as a way to comment on how dreams will never be obtainable. The characters in these stories such as Jay Gatsby and Dexter Green have dreams that make them live their lives for something that they could have had in their past. Dreams are unobtainable when it requires the past to change. In The Great Gatsby this is most important to Jay Gatsby. "Luckily the clock took this moment to tilt dangerously at the pressure of his head, whereupon he turned and caught it with trembling fingers and set it back in place. 'I'm sorry about the clock,' he said. 'It's an old clock,' I told him idiotically." (92) The clock symbolizes time and that with Gatsby’s head resting on it he was putting too much pressure on it. Time simply could not support the demands that he was making. The symbolism of disillusionment becomes apparent when Gatsby tells Nick that he can repeat the past. "Can't repeat the past?" he cried incredulously. "Why of course you can!" (116) Gatsby cannot turn back time even though he has all the money and wealth imaginable to get Daisy. Gatsby may have been so close to achieving his dream, but failed because the dream he had was false. The idea that time will never run out to obtain a dream is the reason why dreams aren’t reached. In the short story “Winter Dreams” time slows down and becomes apparent to Dexter about Judy. After Judy leaves Dexter seems too careless about her and care more about the women he is about to marry. When Judy re-enters Dexter’s life at the party time slows down and becomes dream like. “The familiar voice at his elbow startled him. Judy Jones had left a man and crossed the room to him--Judy
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