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Don’t get me started on...the summer GCSE Exam Timetable! Don’t get me started on the summer GCSE exam timetable. Recently this has been on my mind because it affects everyone at some point in their life. All people have to take GCSE exams as it is one of the most important things to happen in your lives and can affect your future such as getting a job or business, doing them in the summer is hard. This topic annoys me because everyone has the stress and pressure to revise for exams in June and July. The exam board could prevent this stress by spreading out all GCSE exams throughout the year so people can revise for each topic monthly instead of them all being crammed into the summer. This would make teens life so much less stressful and they would have their minds set on a specific topic. I have felt like this for a while now because I believe that this stress and pressure is unneeded and could be prevented. If the exams were to be spread out evenly then the students would achieve better results as there revision wouldn’t be excessive. The GCSE exam board could solve this problem if they expand the exams all year round. On the whole everyone who we discussed this topic with agrees with the idea of spreading out the GCSE exams throughout the year because they feel like they are to close together and they struggle with revising all at once. If the exams are spread out throughout the year then it would make students and teachers lives less stressful. The students wouldn’t feel the need to worry about evenly spreading out their revision for each exam, they would be able to revise monthly and actually have enough time to cover the topic they need to. It would also be less stressful for the teachers as they would be able to help the students with each topic individually and not having them all in June and July they can concentrate on trying to cover everything in

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