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Bold and boisterous ogres bombarding the hallways, you know the ones? The ones who belong in cages, the ones whose actions are cruel, heartless and despicable; ultimately affecting people for the rest of their lives. Would you like to face the spiteful ridicules day in, day out? I doubt it. What I find the most infuriating is that Bullies have somehow achieved this social status in which they believe everyone should ‘bow’ down to them... they simultaneously find themselves laughing at the slightly overweight or the ‘geeks’ in glasses. More over the fact that schools and parents are so in denial about what horror their child may be facing everyday- harassment and in some cases assault, aggravates me from head to toe also with the internet unfolding more and more each day and bullies finding new ways to intimidate the vulnerable, we as a society should be able to protect the “easy targets”. If you’re a parent you officially have a much bigger job of looking out for your child, you no longer have to worry about your child going round hitting people with giant hammers because they’ve been influenced by tom and jerry; you now have to look out for the hate comments being posted all over the World Wide Web. For the thousands who read blogs like Perez Hilton every day, a blog where he shoots people down about their sexuality and basically bullies them for profit and fame. You allow someone like this to make a living off of picking out faults and calling it entertainment. Sickening. To tell or not to tell, that is the question: “innocent by-standers,” innocent?! There is nothing innocent about them, watching or encouraging someone be put down and hurt every single day without helping as they are scared it will affect their credibility? Over 20,000 young people get help every year

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