Dont Get Me Started No Footballers Essay

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And not just on the back pages, we’re seeing more and more on the front pages as well. Ryan Giggs fall from clean cut footballing gentleman to pantomime villain intent on abusing every unwritten brotherly rule is testament to that. Not just in the red top newspapers where we expect this sort of sordidness either, but in the broadsheets as well... ...add to this the moronic behaviour of the less than publicity shy Wayne Rooney as he hurled profanities down the barrel of a camera when he knows that young children are sat there taking in his every word and action, dreaming of being the superhero footballing megastar that he unfortunately is. His latest outburst at least did bring the condemnation it deserved with poor Wayne losing several lucrative sponsorship deals including a new series of Street Striker on Sky1 and Coca-Cola, the latter reputed to be worth in the region of £600,000. But with a contract at Manchester United worth a staggering £250k a week it will probably only be his ego that has taken a knocking. And don’t get me started on the real bad boys of football such as Joey Barton who served 74 days in prison for a savage drunken attack on a poor unsuspecting member of the general public and Marlon King who served 9 months of an 18 month sentence for the sexual assault and punching of a pretty female student on a night out after she shunned his unwanted attentions. In a time of austerity and recession with the average working wage for the UK at £28k and probably much lower for the East Yorkshire and Humber, to be reminded of the obscene salaries these men are paid, Yaya Toure of Manchester City for instance earns £200,000+ per week, will only reinforce the general consensus that these louts are just illiterate, overpaid, conceited, underachieving morons who with only one talent, lord it up over the rest of

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