Dont Ever Use This Pice of Crap. Essay

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Australia's differences of Characteristics throughout time have been clearly outlined as the 'easy going' Australians which I believe is apparent in today's society. This can be shown through the different cultures of Australia that have changed signifenlty throughout history which has influenced Australia's religions and lifestyle of today. To clearly label Australia's today and put a stereotype over them is something we can no longer do as we have become too diverse however there are still some core values that can still be seen around Australia. (need another clear point!!) The culture of Australia when it was first established was mainly English convicts and aboriginal Australians, from this very small range of culture there has been a big impact on the broad culture of today. Due to this broad range of culture it is very hard to determine an average religion, lifestyle or person, however the different cultures do seem to blend together and create less of a pin point of religion and lifestyle but a much broader one that everyone can feel included in. For Australia to function as one country the people of Australia need to be accepting of each other’s cultures and to respect them as individuals from other countries and Australians. This acceptance of other Australia's bring about a chakras tic of Larrikinism in today's society. The bushman image of Australians and other labels that have been implemented and placed upon Australia over our history can no longer be applied to Australians today. Keeping this in mind it can be seen that many Australians have similar characters such as that fair go attitude, and the warm welcoming of everyone no matter their culture and religion, along with our iconic ‘easy going’ take it as it comes daily attitude. While these attitudes towards life may not apply to all Australians all the time, they do apply to most Australians

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