Dont Blame the Eater

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Steven Betancourt Professor Rosenblithe English Composition I Section L16 Assignment (OC essay 2) September 10th, 2013 Don’t Blame the Eater In the article that David Zinczenko published in the New York Times, Don’t Blame the Eater, he is conveying his argument about the business of the fast food industry and how it has affected millions of Americans all over the United States. He begins to tell his story of his own challenges that he personally dealt with when he was a child and was consuming multiple loads of heavy calorie fast food on several occasions. When Mr. Zinczenko made the title Don’t Blame the Eater he did it because there is a reason why all these fast food restaurants became so successful, by only telling the consumers the things they wanted them to know. Some of the main points that he was making was that how low cost the food was, how easy it was to find a fast food restaurant compared to somewhere with a more healthier selection, and the amount of money that has only been spent on advertisement alone. The fast food industry spends more time trying to sell its products to people that they only spend time on the price and how it looks not the nutritional value or the health hazards that it brings to others. David Zinczenko is saying there is more then just the consumers fault for the obesity and health problems fast food brings but the fast food fault for not telling the consumers the proper information they

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