Dont Ask Dont Tell

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Essay Don’t Ask Don’t tell I’d like to say about the army value as known as LDRSHIP, which means loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage, especially about respect. ‘Respect’ means that we admit other’s value or thought even though they are different from us. Also it can be said that we must not ignore others whatever he or she’s rank is. How about Don’t ask don’t tell policy? It prevents us from admitting or respecting someone who is different from us, not letting say about them. Because of keeping personal thing, Don’t ask don’t tell policy doesn’t allow us to say about something as like homosexual. However, it definitely is not matched with army value especially Respect. As I said, respect means that we should not ignore others or other’s value type. Can it be real respect when we are not saying about others or pretend to not know? If we do, is that really for others or is it for ourselves? Don’t ask don’t tell policy can be the one of aggressive policy because ignorance can be more aggressive than physical violence. Now, we have to think again about ‘respect’. What should we do if we really respect others? We must keep touching with them, ask them, and tell them. That policy can be said like Don’t ask don`t tell, and don`t respect policy. U.S Army now repeal Don`t ask, don`t tell policy. We have to think about the effect when they are taken off. First of all, many soldiers who have a different sexual preference are more likely to join the Army than before. They would feel that they are respected by the army as a part of member who are not different from others. When they join the Army more and more, they can request to admit marriage among them or living together. However, some conservative soldiers would reject repealing the policy. They even could do arguing to military policy and soldiers whose sexual preference
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