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Donating an organ is a generous thing to do. It helps give a person in need an extension in their time to live, in most cases. The person in need, may not have family members who are able to give them their organs, and the person must wait for an available organ and be put on a list, which could take several years. This coming from a person, who has a family member who is on the waiting list for a kidney, I feel as though organs should be issued or donated to anyone who is willing to accept them. In all cases of donations, the person in need of the donation the most, is the one who is suffering the most without the organ. Because of dialysis, the wait is longer. A person who has passed away in is no need of their organs and it should not matter whether or not they are donated. For the people who are on the brink of death, they should be given the first opportunity, before others, to receive help. The thought of putting a price on an organ, should be out of the question. Talks of economist putting a price on organs, as if they were products, will put an ugly name on a very good thing. I feel as though, the life of someone should be the most important aspect of the ordeal. This would indeed become an ugly market, where commercials and other propaganda, would make the seriousness of this, seem like a circus show. The attention brought to organ donation would raise prices to where only the wealthy would be able to receive help. The need for more donors should be the issue for now. As reported 40.3% of people over the age of 18, in the United States, are registered donors. These numbers should be much higher. There is also a fear from potential donors, who do not want to end up eventually needed the same organ

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