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Contents Introduction 2 Problems and Causes 2 Data Analysis 3 Process flow chart 5 Recommendations 7 Generic recommendations 7 Recommendations involving major changes 7 Recommendation 1: Concentrate only on producing small orders of SMOBCs. 8 Recommendation #2 - Concentrate on producing only large quantities of simple technology boards (order size >=200) only 10 Recommendation# 3: Use two separate production lines, one each for producing large and small quantities of simple technology boards 13 Conclusion 16 Introduction Donner Company, started in 1985, manufactures printed circuit boards, technically called as “soldermask overbare copper” boards, according to specifications of electronic manufacturers. It faces a competition from around 750 manufacturers in United States. With the increase in use of electronic appliances, the printed circuit board industry has witnessed growth. The firm has developed new processes and application and holds patents for these. The president of the company, Edward Plummer is reviewing the company position in October 1987, before deciding on plans for 1988. During the review he does in-depth study of how various process and operations are carried out and challenges The basic work process can be divided into three important stages – preparation, image transfer and fabrication. The detailed process flow chart is given in exhibit 1. The firm has three persons, Diane Schnabs, Bruce Altmeyer & David Flaherty who occupy supervisory roles in the company. Schnabs kept track of delays in the manufacturing process and made sure that clients were informed about possible delays. She also coordinated the serving of rush orders. Altmeyer was involved with the design of computer control and analyzing the customer requirements. He was
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