Donny Hathaway Paranoid Schizophrenia Essay

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Paranoid Schizophrenia and The Death of Donny Hathaway By Eric Moore Paranoid Schizophrenia means to be delusional of the mind. Let’s think about what that mean delusions can mean allot of things. To have delusions mean that your mind is exploring your brain. Which is something few people will ever have the chance to do. It’s amazing to always be able to think and still have you mind wonder. We all want that but just are not able to admit it. Paranoid Schizophrenia is one of those things you think without thinking. I mean your brain wonders and wonders. Experts call it delusions but it’s really just a day dream. The brain is very complex and not to be play with. Our brain run’s the body just think one single organism can t effect…show more content…
Once there he quickly became the man of music. Everyone wanted to study ,write, and compose with him artist like Aretha Franklin. Donny recognized his ability and was up for the challenge. So in his sophomore he left Howard For NYC. Once there he went on to achieve much success. Writing such hit’s as The Getto and the all time favorite This Christmas. But there way’s all something strange about Mr. Hathaway. He would zone out have paranoid’s thought he the government was trying to tap into his brain. Upon his wife request he went to see a doctor and was diagnose with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Something that no one saw coming how could someone so brilliant have delusional thought. Are even thing about committing suicide, not this man who has worked with all the great artist of his time. Donny was treated for his illness and went on and wrote sung for a number of artists. Always on his medication Donny was fine still great. But during the month of June he got off his medication. What happened next no one saw coming during a recording session Donny started complain that people were trying to enter his mind. Knowing his problems his manager stops the session and sent everyone home. Once back in his hotel suite Donny Hathaway open the window in his room and jump to his

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