Donny And Self-Respect Essay

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Why self-respect is necessary for success Self-respect is an important quality for being successful in life. When you have self-respect, you will have a stable mental state, even in the most difficult times. Conversely, a lack of self-respect makes it very difficult to be successful in life. . The short story “Teenage Wasteland” by Anne Tyler explores the issue of how self-respect is related to success through the interactions of the characters Donny Coble, Daisy Coble, and Cal Beadle. The protagonist, Daisy Coble is the mother of Donny Coble, a youth who is becoming increasingly withdrawn from his family and failing in school. Daisy frantically searches for solutions to Donny’s lack of success, including hiring a tutor: Cal. Daisy’s lack of self-respect and constant self-doubt, along with Cal’s less than desirable approach to tutoring, leave Donny lost and confused in how to define his own sense of self-respect. Donny is a teenager who is going through a rough time in his life. When his mother, Daisy, receives a call from Donny’s school, telling her that her son is “noisy, lazy, and disruptive [,] always fooling around with his friends, and [not] responding in class, Daisy becomes very concerned about her eldest. As many parents would, Daisy begins to question her ability to raise her son. As she sat on the principal’s couch, she began to see herself as a “failure” and a “delinquent parent.” Although she was a grade four teacher, she never saw either her husband (an insurance salesman) or herself as having achieved anything of significance. Her son’s failings became her own failings. When she helped him do his homework, she realized that she could not really be any use to Donny. Daisy believes that you need be successful before you can have self-respect. She thinks

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