Donnie Darko Essay

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An art film is the result of film making which is typically a serious, independent film aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience. The director uses certain narrative and directorial styles to create a sense of confusion in the story. The reasons behind this is because directors try to create a film that doesn't have a clear, goal driven story, which can usually be seen in mainstream films. This is to make the audience more engaged in the film, as they have to concentrate a whole lot more and have to try and uncover what has happened and have to try create a meaning which they thought the film portrayed. Directors use such techniques as Mise en Scene, Movement and montages to express the idea and establish the specific quality of his work. Movies such as Donnie Darko directed by Richard Kelly and Koyaanisqatsi directed by Godfrey Reggio both portray the conventions of an art film, as we are left in confusion of what has happened throughout the film. Mise en Scene is a technique used in art films by the directors to create a certain feeling or vibe in a scene, whether it is positive or negative. Mise en scene is created by the director through the ways in which he constructs the scene. The use of audio codes and montage affects aid this technique as they can create suspense and juxtaposition of certain objects or people. Mise en Scene was used well in Donnie Darko directed by Richard Kelly, in the scene where Donnie and Gretchen go to the celladoor. The music in this scene creates a lot of suspense and makes us feel as if something is going to happen. The use of montage created suspense as Gretchen and Donnie kept on looking at each other, looking curious. This technique is used by many directors of art films as it is makes the audience more engaged in the film and makes them feel like their apart of the film. The use of the audio codes and
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