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Donna Karan is a fashion icon who designs modern clothes for modern people. She introduced the ultimate concept in the fashion industry: a system of dressing which combines masculine and feminine elements to ensure clothes are luxurious, functional, and comfortable. That explains why she is so well. With such an amazing grand reopening, Donna Karan continues to bring a modern style of dress inspired by the spirit, vitality, and energy of New York. I mention the reopening of Donna Karan outlets because four years ago all the outlets were closed except for Woodbury Commons and Camarillo, but with a new vice president bring selective store locations and a new image called DKNYc, it is nearly impossible to keep merchandise on the shelves. Miromar outlet, voted number 1 outlet in southwest Florida for nine years in a row, is home to over 140 top designers and brand name outlets such as Kenneth Cole, Juicy Couture, Coach, and Sakes Fifth Avenue to name a few. I’ll never forget my first trip to the outlet. I can remember it as if it was yesterday. I was on my way to the beach and I got confused by the directions a strange gave me at the gas station. I ended up on the interstate and came across Miromar. What was supposed to be the most amazing, beautiful and relaxing day at the beach, ended up being the most amazing shopping experience ever! In the area surrounding the outlet, I remember seeing a lot of entertainment such a handful of restaurants, beaches, other shopping malls and even a local college. Walking around the mall was unlike anything I’ve seen before. I thought the mall had a Mediterranean feel to it because it’s painted in coral and tan, beautifully landscaped courtyards and it even had majestic fountains. At the time when I went, the DKNY outlet wasn’t open yet, but when the store finally opened I was so impressed with the environment. The first thing I

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