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Use this outline for your journal entries. Each week’s journal should be roughly two full pages long double spaced. (If you’re taking the class for grad level credit, as SOC544, you work will be held to higher expectations—talk to me about that.) Your goals are: to convince your teacher that you have carefully read the article(s) along with the Hatch text AND that you can use some ideas to make sense of an organization. Your journal grades will be based on • evidence of thorough reading of assignments; having something substantive to say • clarity of writing • evidence of ability to use concepts & theories analytically and imaginatively • Note: when multiple reading packet articles are assigned, mention both in your reading journal, although you can choose to write more about one than another. This week’s (week _____ )journal is about (list the article(s) & the chapter in Hatch) | | |Part 1: (a one-two paragraphs minimum) Define/discuss the major concept or theory emphasized (i.e. “the main point”) from each article(s) in the | |reading packet. If more than two articles have been assigned, you are responsible for both | | | | | | | |Part 2: (one-two paragraphs minimum) What

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