Donating Organs Essay

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Donating Organs An organ transplant is a replacement of a failing organ of a person's body with the same organ from a healthy person's body. According to the Organ and Tissue Donation, more than 101,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant. Convincing people to become an organ donor has not been as successful. I believe that if people had no choice other than to donate, then the world could save more lives. I argue that people should not be given a choice to donate organs once deceased. The first reason why people shouldn’t be have a choice to donate is because many people die each day, month, and year; in need of organs. The issue is that there is a lack of donators in the United States. Fact is that the number of people in need of organ donations is increasing each year; while, the number of people who has signed the now-revoked donor form has increased by a small percentage. Having the knowledge that one person can save up to eight lives and improve the lives of fifty. The world would be at advantage of the opportunity of saving more lives. The second reason why people shouldn’t have a choice to donate is because taken organs after death will not affect anyone in any way. Many people have misconceptions about donating such as, unable to have an open casket funereal, the family being charged for taken organs, as well as being in fear that if ever taken to the hospital, the staff would not strive to save ones’ life. Truth is that organ and tissue donation doesn't interfere with having an open-casket funeral. Because the donor is clothed and lying on his or her back in the casket, no one can see any difference. Also, donating organs does not cost any money and when you go to the hospital for treatment, doctors’ focus on saving your life, not somebody else's. So there is nothing for people to be worried about if there was no choice when it comes to
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