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went on. In “The Creation,” the varying tone and rhythm helped to emphasize the more significant parts of the story. Also the way Michelangelo strategically placed certain scenes and characters in his paintings also help aim the focal point to the more important parts of the biblical context. Personally, I feel that Michelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel further enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the Creation story as told in Genesis. Michelangelo’s work provided illustrations that enhanced my understanding of the actual story. The scene of God creating Eve really had a strong effect on me, the way she appears, like Adam, to really be made in God’s image. Also the scene of God creating the animals sparked a sense of naturalism. The order Michelangelo used in his paintings helped me to understand the idea of creating order from chaos, as God did, with a plan. Michelangelo explained of his gruelling task, “painting bent over backwards, his neck permanently arched to look up, his arm stretching upwards to wield his brush, in one of his sonnets. The break in work in 1510 allowed him to see the effect of the fresco from the ground” and in the second half there is a perceptible simplification of detail and a corresponding monumentalization of figure style. "In 1516, the new pope, Leo X commissioned Michelangelo to design a facade for San Lorenzo, the Medici parish church in Florence. The commission came to nothing (the facade is unfinished to this day), but this unfulfilled scheme led to his two earliest architectural masterpieces, the Medici Chapel (or New Sacristy) attached to San Lorenzo and the Laurentian Library. Again neither was to be finished. Nevertheless, the 'molten' stairway and the architectural elements of the entrance hall to the library, whose positioning deliberately contradicts the structural function of their prototypes, are seminal

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