Donald Duk Essay

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Page 1 Expansion of the truth: Donald Duck and his journey to discover his heritage Frank Chin’s character, Donald Duk is a racially pessimistic Chinese-American that is ashamed of his culture and everything he assumes it stands for. Through surrealistic tactics, Donald Duk tries to justify his anti Chinese- American views and shy away from learning anything about his culture and the way they helped shape America. Donald however, with the help of his curious American friend Arnold does take a journey of discovery about his culture. Frank Chins didactic style of writing referencing characters from different ethnic backgrounds serves to educate Donald as well as others about the Chinese people’s role in the growth of the American society as it relates to Donald in his present day self induced dilemma. This gives Donald an avenue to travel along which eventually leads to him being proud of and openly acknowledging his pride for his heritage, family and community. Initially Donald is noticeably different from his peers and the rest of his family. He is even embarrassed of his name and resents the fact that he get made fun of because of it. Donald is an aspiring dancer that idolizes Fred Astaire. Donald hates everything Chinese: WHO WOULD BELIEVE anyone named Donald Duk dances like Fred Astaire? Donald Duk does not like his name. Donald Duk never liked his name. He hates his name. He is not a duck. He is not a cartoon character. He does not go home to sleep in Disneyland every night. (Chin 1) Page 2 Donald feels different from the other kids. He does not fit the stereotypical Chinese American child. He is in
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