Don'T Skip Breakfast!

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Don’t Skip Breakfast! Every morning we all prepare ourselves for work or school. We get dressed and we brush our teeth. A famous American writer Pearl Buck quoted: “At my age the bones are water in the morning until food is given them”. To survive we all need to eat. Due to breakfast we can supply us with enough energy we need after a long night without food. That is why I strongly believe that we should eat breakfast everyday! The reasons why I believe are first bad effects of skipping breakfast, second the benefits of breakfast, and the last it is an easy meal to have. Almost none of us know the bad effects of skipping breakfast. Students who skip breakfast have higher absenteeism rates, trouble with concentration, and more behavior problems. It is linking with learning disabilities, slower thinking and lower IQs. Adults who miss breakfast tend to smoke more, drink more alcohol and take less exercise. Moreover, everyone who doesn’t eat breakfast is more likely to be fatter, because more likely to have unhealthy snacks during the day. Furthermore, The Harvard Heart Letter reports that skipping of breakfast increases your risk for heart attack, type 2 diabetes, LDL cholesterol and obese. Why we should not skip breakfast? By eating breakfast you improve nutrition; so, you improve the total daily nutrient intake. Moreover, nourished body can resist disease and infection, so fewer visits to doctor. Also who eat breakfast have energy for mental and physical activities. In addition breakfast improve ability to concentrate – the academic benefits. Breakfast helps learning, as you are better to pay attention and are more interested in learning. Therefore, you perform better when tested on cognitive functions such as short-term memory, arithmetic, and logical reasoning. Likewise, adults are better able to perform in an office or work environment. Finally, breakfast

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