Don't Miss The Call Essay

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“Don’t Miss The Call” In dentistry, as in all professions, change is necessary in order to adapt to the ever-changing needs and desires of the people you serve. If your practice is not open for change, then I can guarantee that your patients will change—change dentists. Change requires you to be proactive instead of reactive. If you are reactive with change, then you might have already lost 100 patients before implementing anything new into your practice. It is not something you say you are going to do and expect it to magically happen. You have to be aware of the things in your practice that need changing. It could be your office or staff appearance, phone etiquette, technology, or general systems that ensure your practice is running efficient and giving each patient a consistently great experience. And then you must constantly stay on top of these modifications or you will easily fall back into doing things the way you are comfortable doing them. To put this into perspective, think about the ringtone that you have on your phone. After a while, you are sick and tired of hearing this familiar sound for the last 6 months so you decide to change it. You select a brand new tone and then you find yourself sitting around the table with your friends, having a conversation when one of them says, “Hey, your phone is ringing, aren’t you going to answer it?” You were not even aware of your phone ringing! Because why? You were so used to your old ringtone that your brain did not register the fresh new sound. Even though you hated the sound of your old ringtone, you were still waiting to hear it. And by the time you can get the phone out of your pocket, what happened? You missed the call! This example sounds a lot like dentists today. They realize that change is necessary in today’s world of dentistry, and they get excited about something new, interesting

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