Don't Make Assumptions

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People tend to make assumptions when we don't understand a situation. It is a normal reaction to immediately fill in any missing information by making up our own story. In the essay “Don’t make assumptions” Don Miguel Ruiz states that one of the problems with this tendency to make assumptions is that we believe them. We usually do this because we prefer to try to make sense of people and situations. The problem with this is that most of the time our hypothesis is incorrect which causes all kinds of difficulties. The fact is, we don't know what the truth is unless we ask so it better to communicate and expresses our idea. we make assumptions because we believe them we think it is real and we granted it .People used their own presumptions as a key for how facts should be interpreted. A person will believe it more intently than anything else because it's a truth made up of their most basic beliefs and values. We also believe of assumptions because our own truth is visible for example media information ,in fact everything that we can see on television we think this is real just because we see images or interviews or even proof but as we can notice sometimes informations are masked or remove .We do not know for a fact that anything is true because we are humans. According to Ruiz, one of the reasons we make so many assumptions is because we are fearful of asking questions Many people don’t like to ask questions because they think that others are going to judge them. They also afraid that by asking questions they will look weak, ignorant or unsure however asking questions is a sign of creativity and having a sense of discernment. Asking questions is the beginning of knowledge in other side when we don’t asking questions we develop a uncertain view of the

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