Don't Go to Mexico Essay

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Warning for Tourists Going to Mexico All of my life I have lived in south Texas, and as long as I can remember I’ve heard the horror stories of Mexico. For instance, my aunt and uncle went down to Mexico to visit a friend, and they stayed at his ranch house. When they were there the federals came into the house and pointed machine guns at everyone including the children. We use to enjoy the culture of Mexico, and we use to travel, shop, eat, and other activities. Now we can’t because we fear for our safety. This is why I believe that tourist should be warned before going to Mexico. There are three reasons why: people are being kidnapped, people are being sold into slavery, and people are being killed. I read in the paper that people are being kidnapped in many different ways. For example, a nineteen year old college student traveled to Mexico for a summer of fun. One night he went to a club with a group of friends, and they were jumped and beaten. The offenders kidnapped the student and left him for dead. If they were warned about the area they were in, maybe the student would still be alive. Another story I’ve read is about charter buses that are being pulled over, and people are being taken form their seats. The kidnappers will select their victims and hold them for ransom. In 2003 Latin countries were declared to have 50% of all kidnapping worldwide. Also, children have been known to be kidnapped and used as drug mules. A Live Oak County sheriff told me a story of a family that was shopping across the border. The mom and dad were looking at some items and noticed their four year old daughter wandered off. They searched franticly for her, even getting Mexican officials involved. They went back across to the American side of the border and reported the girl missing. About 30 minutes after the girl wandered off, the mom spotted her. She was on the

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