Don't Get Me Started on Maths Essay

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It's a Thursday afternoon. After a sporty, fun-filled PE lesson and a cheerful break with joyful laughter and playful teasing, the bell rings signalling the end of break and the beginning of the last lesson of the week. But now, as the teens begin their distant trudge to their classes, horror and dread filling every step they take, the feeling inexplicable. None of the joy and happiness was expressed in the faces of the children. The reason is not because of the end of break, No, this is much more heart-crushing. The last lesson of the WEEK couldn't have been drama or art or even music, but Nnnnnooooo, it just had to be (pause for dramatic effect,).......... Maths. Who on Earth would have MATHS as the last lesson of the day? No let me rephrase, what kind of heartless imbecile would even think of inflicting this kind of pain on the innocent minds of us, poor children. Whoever it was, this monster has definitely succeeded in scaring our joyful minds. Let me explain what I feel like in a maths lesson. I walk in to see the boring beige room. I sit in my seat and take out my maths book to do my work and I'm left speechless. To give you a mere insight of what greeted me at that moment, imagine numbers, indices, symbols and letters just puked carelessly onto a piece of paper and having Mrs. Hawk-eyes burning a hole through your head just because you are trying your best to understand the mess presented in front of you AKA maths work. Why we even bother learning this poor excuse of a subject called maths, I will never know. Of having a puke filled paper wasn't bad enough, I had the teacher to deal with. As she drools on and on about the basic principles of a polygon.... Or was it the rules of indices, I'm not sure. Anyway, as she was going on and on I just remembered that I had a pile of laundry to

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