Don't Get Me Started on... "Junk Food and Unhealthy Snacks for Children "

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Don’t get me started on “Junk food and unhealthy snacks for children” by Josefa Duarte I am a mother of two and my priority is to provide the best start in life for them. What mother wouldn’t want the best for their children? My husband shares the same opinion, so at least I have him on my side, every step of the way. We believe that if a child has a healthy diet and they sleep well, they will flourished and fulfil their potential. A healthy and rested child will pay attention in class, will have less sick days and this will reflect in their academic achievements. Most importantly, in their later life, they will not be addicted to processed food, i.e.: salt, sugar and saturated fat and therefore they will have a life without being dependent on medicine or doctors. Children eat far too many sugary and salty snacks. Adding to this is their daily intake of processed food high in saturated fat and low in nutrients. I am continuously having to flight so that my children don’t eat these types of foods and I must admit that it seems as if I am at war with my community, friends and family. It is really hard to stick to what we think is right for our kids. All around us, there are two many temptations. If my children go around a friend’s house or a birthday party, even if they go to their grandparents… everyone is at it. As if a child is not going to grow up if they don’t have crisps, pizza or Chinese take away. I have not always been as conscious with food as I am these days. It all started when, at 25 years old, I did an introductory course in nutrition, that opened up my eyes to food and the food industry. Of course, now that I have my own children, it has encouranged us to fully implement what I learned in this course. In our house there are no crisps, chocolates or sweets. We hardly have takeaways or fizzy drinks. We do have snacks, but they are healthy ones,

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