Don't Call Me Ishmael

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“Dont Call Me Ishmael” written by Michael Gerard Bauer, published in 2006. He courageously steps up to year 9 only to be bullied for being himself. This leads to him naming year 9 as the toughest, the weirdest, the most humiliatingly awful - and the best year of his life. This narrative is about a schoolboy who gets bullied and tormented about various things. Firstly he was constantly bullied by the school bully Barry Bagsley. Secondly he struggled with his confidence and lastly he didn't stick up for himself. Ishmael began as a timid, unconfident boy and later became a confident, protective and brave young man. There are numeral aspects that influenced Ishmael's growth as a young man. For example Miss Tarango supports Ishmael to overcome bullies with the power of words, James Scobie had an impact on Ishmael's courage and bravery and the debating team assisted Ishmael to grow confidence in himself. These people boosted Ishmael’s thinking to a positive outcome. The first important component to the novel “Don't Call Me Ishmael” is the moment in the book when Ishmael learns the lesson about the power of words. This inspires Ishmael to use “the power of language” against Barry and this teaches him how meaningful words can be. The power of language is used throughout chapter 9. In this chapter Miss Tarango gives the school bully Barry a challenge. She argues that she will be able to force him out of the chair before walking around it three times. This meant that Barry couldn't leave the chair until she completed the third circle. But unfortunately for Barry she failed to complete the third circle. Which meant he couldn't leave until the bell rang therefore he lost the challenge. Miss Tarango supports her point by saying “You see how powerful language can be, boys? (pg. 39) As a result this highlights how language can be very powerful which gives Ishmael confidence in

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