Don T Tell: Homosexuals In The US Military

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Southern Methodist University | Ethnography Draft | Don’t Ask Don’t Tell | Johnny R. Armijo II 12/5/2012 | The United States Military is considered to be one of the strongest and most professional organizations in the world. Since the inception of the military there have been men and women from many different backgrounds who have served. Eighteen years ago, the United States was under a controversial debate on whether or not acknowledged gays and lesbians would be able to serve in the US military. President Clinton promised in his campaign to extend this civil right to gays and lesbians, however in his attempt to change this law he was confronted with strong opposition from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and members of Congress.…show more content…
Think tanks such as the Palm Center have dedicated their research to determine if allowing gays to serve openly actually affected readiness or if it was simply discrimination. My research will be evaluated by comparing the results of my research to the results of national surveys. I will be questioning if the results of my research compare to the trend of national surveys. I will also compare my results to the Crittenden report that was completed in 1957. This was the original report that was commissioned by the Secretary of the Navy to investigate its homosexual policy. The outcome stated that “the number of cases of blackmail as a result of past investigations of homosexuals are negligible and no factual data exists to support the contention that homosexuals are a greater risk that heterosexuals.” This was a report that was largely suppressed by the US Military for over fifty years. The reports existence was discovered through the Freedom of Information Act after the military stated there were not any studies…show more content…
There have ALWAYS been gays in the military (all over the world). Some of the great military leaders have been gay (e.g. Alexander the Great). I spent 20 years serving our country and the gays I have been stationed with (male and female) have all been top performers. I never saw any go to Captain's Mast for doing stupid things, like many of the straights. I knew an E-6 (with over 13 years dedicated service) who was 'penciled in' for the Office of the Commandant of the Air Force. Just before she was to receiver her orders, she was 'outed' by a stupid little, low life twit who she trusted. One weekend she came to visit my wife and me and asked one of the girls in her office to take care of her guinea pig, she went through her things, and then turned her in a few months later as the twit was checking out. It didn't matter she was a top performer. She was gay so she didn't belong in the Air Force. No one in her office even

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