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RUNNING HEAD: DON'T LET THE Don't Let the Devil Drive Haywood Williams III English-111-odh Professor Butler September 10, 2012 RUNNING HEAD: DON'T LET THE Don’t let the devil Drive We hear all the time on various types of media about people driving under the influence 2 of alcohol and how they cause countless number of injuries to themselves and others. The media fail to mention the victim who unsuspectingly get into a friend's car and that friend who is driving is under the influence of alcohol they both may never make it from point A to point B. Many of these people are just going out to have a good time never consider the consequences of drunk…show more content…
On the way back, Rios came up with an obnoxious ideal. He stated, when he lived in California, they would drive their cars at night with the lights off and at a high speed, and then hit the brakes to see how close they came to going off of the cliff. I told him I was not into that kind of craziness, but he decided to do it anyway. When the car finally came to a stop, he said that RUNNING HEAD: DON'T LET THE everybody should get out one at a time, because we do not know how close we are to going off of the cliff. We removed ourselves from the car one at a time and when I walked to the front of the car there was one wheel hanging off of the cliff. I became very upset being with this person because he wanted to play games with my life; therefore I decided to walk the rest of the way back to the base. The lesson I have learned throughout all of this, is that alcohol and driving do not mix. Even when people are morally responsible, drinking alcohol will make anyone lose their Inhibition and oftentimes they will push the envelope to its limit. Now when I go to a gathering where there will be plenty of alcohol being served, I will always leave by a cab. This is because alcohol turns many of us into devils behind the wheel, and I know now, don't let the devil drive.

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