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Sean McCaherty Ms. Luster English 131-22 10 October 2013 Don’t Be That Kid There are thousands of students in colleges all over the world and every college or university has the Teacher’s Pet, the Average Joe, and the Barely Get By students. There usually is an example of each in every class and the teacher usually knows these kids on a first name basis by the first week of class. Social status or some outside forces can be a huge factor in what holds a student back or what drives a student to go “ABCD” (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty). Nobody wants to the Teacher’s Pet but these students usually are at the top of the class and everyone hates on the Teacher’s Pet because they aren’t as successful. The Teacher’s Pet usually is very attentive and…show more content…
It isn’t so much that the work is too hard, but it is merely a lack of effort. This type of student is what I consider a filler student or careless student. They sit in class and barely participate and may only speak during attendance and that is it. They don’t do their homework and when tests or finals come around, a high F is considered an A+ to them. Many different factors can influence their reason for their attitude. Some could simply not care and it was either school or jail. Some could be new students and upset about a move so they just won’t show effort. Out of all the types of students, these students are the most mysterious because their effort doesn’t necessarily show what type of person they really are. From a social stand point, this type of student could be bullied, have conflicts at home, or be influenced by some other outside force. The Barely Get By students are by far a puzzle and could be really smart and could be just as smart if not smarter than the Teacher’s Pet. Shyness or being uncomfortable in a class could be the reason that this student is holding back but ultimately, the true person inside can’t be determined by a grade in some
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