Don Jenkins's Childhood: A Short Story

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Don Jenkins He was a boy and loved to eat worms he always went to the farm grounds to eat new shoes. I remember when he used to eat cottage cheese back in the good old days. He would just spoonful that stuff into his mouth spoon after spoon until he couldn't eat no more. Those were the days. One day he learned how to play baseball and he became really good at it. Everyone knew him for his cottage cheese eating but now they knew hm for his talents in baseball. Don Jenkins was known as the boy who could slam the cottage cheese out of the park. He won every game and didn't even need any other players on his team. He just slammed it over and over out of the park. One day after a big game he went out to celebrate with his couch, who was imaginary of course because Don Jenkins was a one man team. He stopped at the local market to pick up his cottage cheese fix for the night. He grabbed 5 litres, more than he had ever eaten in one sitting. Needless to say, it was going to be a big night.…show more content…
Ron B. Grahan's sports bar, who said "No outside cottage cheese allowed". Don Jenkins said, "fuck that"... he was not one to pay for overpriced cottage cheese at no bar. So, he left. He went back to his humble abode in the countryside, 9 stories tall. He ate all of the cottage cheese before he passed out, and remained unconscious until he was found 8 days later by his neighbor Mahallis Brobe. He was dead at the scene and later autopsy determined it was a cottage cheese overdose. He went down in history as the best golfer and bassoon player to ever walk the moon. By James

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