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Don Carlo Early Life Carlo Gesualdo, also known as Gesualdo da Venosa (8 March 1566 –8 September 1613), Prince of Venosa and Count of Conza, was an Italian nobleman, lutenist, composer, and murderer. Gesualdo was a composer of the late Renaissance. He was remembered for writing expressive madrigals and sacred music that used a chromatic language. Gesualdo had a musical relationship with the italion composer, Pomponia Nenna. So he had always had his mind set for music at an early age and did not show too much interest in anything else. He played harpsichord and guitar. Gesualdo in most musical dictionaries are brief. He was acknowledged as a leading composer of madrigals in which he extended the style to that next level with the maximum of expressive intensity anticipating the music of the coming up centuries. His texts were often highly erotic with every emotion being wrung out to highest effect and the music had sudden changes of tempo. These madrigals were considered to be so remarkable that they were published shortly after his death as one of the earliest examples of a printed full score. The Murders In 1586 Gesualdo married his first cousin. She eventually starting having an affair with another man. She kept the secret away from Gesualdo for almost two years. One day, Gesualdo went on a hunting trip, and when he returned, his wife and another man was laying in the bed together. He then murdered both of them. Afterwards, he left their bodies in front of the palace so that everyone could see. It has been indicated that Gesualdo has murdered more than his wife and the man. The Music The evidence that Gesualdo was tortured by the guilt for the rest of his life is understandable, and he may have expressed his feelings in his music. He done a lot of word-painting, and during this period, it is common among madrigalists of the late 16th century. In style

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