Dominican Republic God, Fatherland and Freedom

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God, Fatherland and Freedom The motto "Dios, Patria, Libertad" ("God, Fatherland, Freedom") represented so much than just freedom. The blue, red and the white in between as a cross lighter than a book but heavy to the Dominican People. To most part of the world the Dominican Republic just represents a country but it actually expresses more than its colors and an emblem in the middle. The blue to standing for liberty, red for the fire and blood of the independence struggle and the white cross symbolized that God has not forgotten his people and saying "Republica Dominicana" (Dominican Republic). It as in the A small coat of arms featuring a shield supported by an olive branch to the left and a palm branch to the right is at the center of the cross. This beautiful flag was designed by Pablo Duarte, the father of the Independence of the Dominican Republic. It was raised the night twenty-seven of February of 1844 on downtown Santo Domingo, the day of our independence from the Haitian and become free. That flag was sewn by a lady named Concepción Bona, who lived nearby the Baluarte, a monument where the patriots gathered to fight for their freedom. This flag symbolize more that freedom, hope. The hope to the people of the Dominican Republic that as long as that flag stand tall we are here as a roaring nation created on principles and values to keep on fighting. It embodies the very deep feeling of the people of the Dominican Republic, that's this is the flag of the greatest nation in the world. The battles and ultimate sacrifices the patriots die for, liberty. The flag also symbolize a beacon to everyone that has a Dominican flag to represent the country, the language, the culture and tradition that is in the Dominican Republic. At the end of the day, one of the most cherish thing that the Dominican Republic has than the rich culture, the long legacy since
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