Dominican Republic and Chili

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JUAN QUEZADA PER.4 SPANISH 2, 5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY. Just because countries speak spanish it doesn’t mean that they all have the same cultures they are all very different. In this essay I am going to show you the difference between Chili and the Dominican Republic. Just because these two countries speak Spanish it doesn’t mean they’re the same. In this essay I am going to cover both of these countries cultures and traditions that way you can see the difference. First I am going to start with the Dominican Republic and end it with Chili in each paragraph. In this paragraph I am going to cover art. The Dominican Republic has many poets, essayists and novelists, including former president Juan Bosch. Architecture is another important part of Dominican culture, such as the colonial Spanish buildings in Santo Domingo. Chilean artists discovered their own identity, motive and gesture. The national scenery during this period was stained with subjective markings giving an insight into the artist’s reality. Prominent Chilean artists of this era include Alfredo Helsby, Eugenio Guzman, Valenzuela Llanos, Juan Francisco Gonzalez and Pable Burchard. In this paragraph I am going to cover music. Dominican Republic folk music features instruments such as the maracas, tambora, accordion and the guirra. The national dance is the meringue. Chile's national dance is the cueca; the dance is a story of a man pursuing a woman who plays coy hiding behind her handkerchief. Los Jaivas is one of the most popular bands throughout Chilean history. Victor Jara is a Chilean singer. In this paragraph I am going to cover food. Here are some Dominican Republic foods sancocho is a type of posole, kipes I don’t even know what they are but they look like chicken, empanadas, mangu it looks like an omelet, tostones, flan, arroz habichuela y carne it looks like meat rice and beans and last but not least

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