Dominhtuan Essay

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Different groups have different beliefs or values about what "makes" an effective leader than other groups have. Your group will assess your leadership, and your success may depend on how well your leadership characteristics match those that they value. However, every groups still have some common standard to “evaluate” its leader. Among those charactersistics is the influence on others. The results of a team work depend on both the willingness and the ability of the members. The willingness of a group relates to its attitude. If a group is willing, then it has the confidence, commitment and motivation to accomplish a specific job or activity. When the ability of members bases on each individual, the willingness of the whole team is the matter of leader’s work. The stronger the inspiration of the leader on others is, the more chances the team stands to surpass any obtacles perfectly. Mahama Gandhi is the leader of Indian Nationalism when India was the colony of British. With his forever ideal about freedom, non-violence and civil rights, he led Indians to one of the most glorious victory in human history. This unbelievable win brought confidence to other colonies to make evolution. But he is not fight with British, but rather with violence and exploitation. He criticized everypeople who abused violence and averred that it cannot be justified. Gandhi is the symbol of peace and non-violence across time and place. If I had a chance to discuss with this legendary man, I would want to show my respect to what he had done: he had influenced others that his phylosophy was right. After hundred years under the domination of British, the Indians must feel hopeless about freedom. But he can aroused the dream of independence among Indians when they were domineered by the most powerful empire at that time. More over, he employed words, non-violence as his weapons to fight

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