Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic Violence In this essay my own and public’s perceptions of domestic violence will be discussed. To be able to fully understand the issues around the domestic violence subject, the influences which form those views will be examined. It will be revealed how these views represent the reality and whether or not there are any differences between perception and actual facts. In order to understand the issue of domestic violence, the definition needs to be introduced. The Government defines domestic violence as "Any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) between adults who are or have been intimate partners or family members, regardless of gender or sexuality. This includes issues of concern to black and minority ethnic (BME) communities such as so called 'honour based violence', female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage.” Home Office (2009) Home Office states that “Whatever form it takes, domestic violence is rarely a one off incident, and should instead be seen as a pattern of abusive and controlling behaviour through which the abuser seeks power over their victim. Domestic violence occurs across society, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, wealth, and geography. The figures show, however, that it consists mainly of violence by men against women. Children are also affected. Not only are many traumatised by what they witness, there is also a strong connection between domestic violence, sexual violence and child abuse.” Home Office (2009) In my opinion, the reason for the general public’s narrow minded perception of domestic violence is due to lack of resources available. Furthermore, TV and the media portray stereotypical domestic violence cases. Marsh supports this opinion: “Modern myths about child cruelty have emerged from the

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