domestic vs import vehicles

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Domestic vs. Import Vehicles In today’s economy many people are looking for what to invest their money in and when it comes down to it, a vehicle is the last thing that they are thinking about. Now for those people that are in need of a new vehicle, or are maybe looking to just find something a little bit nicer than what they currently have then this is for you. Should you invest your hard earned dollar in a domestic vehicle, or in an import vehicle? In this paper I will discuss some of the common misconceptions about our great American vehicles including longevity, gas mileage, and purchase price. I will also discuss supporting the American auto worker. One of the most common misconceptions brought forward by many new car buyers is that all the import vehicles seem to last longer. I will prove that this is not always the case. There was a story in the car and driver magazine in 2008 about this so called million mile Chevrolet, after some research and a little help from a friend I found this story in an old Wisconsin newspaper. In the article, a man by the name of Frank has a 1991 half ton pickup that he uses everyday to deliver seafood across four different states. The vehicle has over 1.1 million miles tracked on it. Nobody believed him, but after checking with the Wisconsin DMV, he is not lying and the truck really has that many miles on it. (Motortrend 08) After looking at this story I went on to find about ten other stories of people passing this one million mile mark. Now you tell me of an import vehicle with that many miles on it that is still running and driving. Another issue that is on many people’s minds these days is the gas prices. They have come down recently but let’s face it: they will eventually go back up. The one area that import auto makers have always succeeded in is in gas mileage. Back in the early 80’s the automakers were producing

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