Domestic Violence Site Report

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Site Visit: Domestic Violence This site visit was a tad bit different than others. Most of the site visits I had gone to were outside of the college but this one was held on our 3rd floor lobby. We had 3 different guess speakers, Charles Hynes, Brooklyn District Attorney and two other specialist who work in his office and whose focus are on domestic violence cases. A lot of things came to mind once we had seen a video of a young man whose father was physically abusive towards his mother and mentally abusive toward the young man as a kid. The guest speakers taught us of many forms of abuse. I rather not talk of my past but I can be certain that sometimes if you are in an abusive relationship you fail to realize so many signs and signals or just put yourself in a state of denial. So questions I have come up with to help others realize when they are in are: Does he "just" slap you? Has he beaten you up "only" 3 or 4 times?…show more content…
After he abused you, does he then suffer intense feelings of guilt and remorse, apologizes profusely, and overwhelms you with gifts and promises to never again make you suffer? Is he extremely possessive, jealous of your involvements and relationships outside of your marriage? Does he phone you several times a day just to "check" on you and expects you to make him the center of your life? Does he become furious when you do not obey him, or sometimes, for no reason at all? Is he constantly finding fault with the way you dress, act in public, or show him love? Does he often accuse you of infidelity? Was he emotionally and/or physically abused as a child? Did his father beat his mother? Does he abuse alcohol, drugs, or other mood-altering
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