Domestic Violence Services Paper

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Domestic Violence Abrielle Harrison English Composition Strayer University Jonita Powell, PhD May 3rd, 2014 Domestic Violence Services More than 1.35 million people accessed domestic violence services in 2005 (Click To Empower, 2014). Different types of people experience domestic violence daily, regardless of economic status, religion, or race, perpetrators do not discriminate. The definition of domestic violence is a pattern of behavior, in which the perpetrators tries to overpower them. Domestic violence affects many families daily, not just by the physical scars, but emotionally and financially. Economic issues that surround domestic violence are lack of jobs and financial dependency. Most victims have been laid off of work and having…show more content…
Our health, education, and court advocate services caters to those who need help in either area of their journey to being independent and also becoming the victor, and no longer be a victim. The health segment is designed to help victims deal with their physical and mental health issues. Domestic violence can leave victims with broken bones, bruises, scars, and dealing with any mental problems they might experience. Health is crucial because it is one's livelihood and can shape the rest of someone’s future. Secondly, comes the education services, and this segment strives to help women who are going back or want to go back to school reach their goal and get a degree in something they like doing. Education can keep a person busy, and gives one a sense of accomplishment so that the victim is more focused on their education and goals rather than the violent relationship he or she is coming out of. Lastly, court advocates help victims in court, explain to them what is going on and lend support. Court advocates help many victims of domestic violence make responsible decisions in the courtroom and looks out for their best interest. Most victims leave their families and support system behind to flee to safety, so some support is always helpful when it comes to showing up to court and possibly having to face the person who has caused so much pain. These are the special needs of domestic violence victims that our program caters to, we are ready to serve and always available to help and offer any other resources that we may have to help out a person in
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