Domestic Violence Scenarios: Who Is Responsible?

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Paper #1: Who is responsible? When a crime is committed, I believe that the victim is partially responsible. The reason I think this is that the victim composes a lot of negligence. If the victim of the crime paid more attention to their surroundings, they would probably be more aware that a crime could potentially be committed against them. In our first scenario, Ron bought a pair of slacks and threw his bag with them in it into the back seat of his car when he was finished shopping. When Rob was on his way home, he stopped at the grocery store and forgot to lock his car doors. When he returned to his car after he was finished grocery shopping the slacks were gone. I think that Rob holds roughly 25% of the responsibility for the slacks…show more content…
Julie is dating a hot headed guy named Tom, who gets mean after having a few alcoholic beverages. Julie and Tom go to a party together where Tom drinks quite a few alcoholic beverages. Julie is having a good time talking to both males and females at the party. While leaving Tom confronts Julie and tells her that, she was being too friendly with the guys at the party. Julie does not think that she was and told Tom not to be silly. Tom then gets even angrier, punches Julie in the arm, and gives her a nasty bruise. I think Julie holds about 10% of the responsibility for the assault while Tom holds the rest of the responsibility. Julie holds 10 % because she knows how Tom is. Although she does not asked to be hit nor did she do anything to provoke the attack, she continues to stay in an abusive relationship where she knows that her significant other acts irrationally while…show more content…
Sara wanted to leave after a couple hours but Jane did not. Two guys names Mike and Matt tell Jane that they would take her back to her dorm later and they have a designated driver named Bob that could drive her because he was not drinking. Bob takes Matt, Mike and Jane back to the dorm, everyone but Bob is drunk. The men took Jane back to her room where she passes out then later wakes up to realize that she has no clothes on and Mike is having sex with her. Mike tells her that Matt and Bob also had sex with her even though she has no memory of it. I think Jane holds roughly 15% of the responsibility in this case. While she was trying to be responsible and have a sober ride home, she put herself in a horrible situation to be with two other drunk guys and a sober guy who had every opportunity to take advantage of her. When there is alcohol involved, her awareness had decreased significantly. She did not think about what could have happened to her while being with these guys. She should have been more responsible and left the party with Sara. I also think that Sarah has about a 10% responsibility in this case because she left her friend there with 3 guys. I personally would not leave my friend at a party with just 3 males unless I knew them very well and I knew that they would take care of

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