Domestic Violence and the Law Essay

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LAW221 Assessment 3 Jodie Wilson (nee) Rogers – 11448095 2/07/14 Part A, Q3 – Domestic Violence This essay explores the complexity of domestic violence and the meaning of ‘culture of disbelief’. There is concern about the under-reporting of domestic violence and the reasons behind this. This essay will also explore why there are the impingements of protection offered to women and children in NSW, and services which could offer support and guidance to these vulnerable victims in their time of need. Domestic and family violence is not restricted to any particular socio-economic, racial or cultural groups. It does not discriminate. It can occur in a range of different living situations such as marriage, de-facto, family relationships and informal care relationships. There are many reasons that sufferers of domestic and family violence do not report their abuse. The ‘culture of disbelief’ which is too often referred to these days is just one of these reasons. When domestic violence occurs it may often be thought of as a private matter between the victim and perpetrator so other people such as neighbours and other family members and friends may not feel that it is right to report it. Family violence includes not only spousal abuse by also violence against other family members such as siblings, parents and extended family members. In Australia the issue of under-reporting is relevant. Statistics are showing that there has been a considerable drop in the amount of reports of violent incidents that are occurring. Why this is the case is also an important question. There are several ideas as to why this may be occurring and some of these ideas range from fear of revenge, shame and embarrassment or a belief that the incident was unimportant. Bad experiences with the police may also be another factor in not reporting. Inhibitions in reporting violent

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